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Live from Scott County High School


By Courtney Keller, Teacher

Three, two, one, action! 

“Good afternoon, Scott County,” says senior Kaden Drumheller every Friday afternoon at Scott County High School. Drumheller and Junior Haylie Robinson address students across the campus on the school’s YouTube channel entitled Scott County High School Cardinals. 

Each week, students watch the SC News Update during advisory class.  Teacher Cody Logan helped them get the live production started this school year. 

Before teaching, Logan’s background was in live production. “I have a true passion for media,” Logan says.  “I loved the thrill of working with live broadcasts in sports and news.”  

When Logan transitioned to the classroom four years ago, he knew he wanted to share this passion for media. As a marketing teacher, finding ways for students to get hands-on experience they enjoy can be challenging. 

Logan pitched the idea to his advanced multimedia students. “I knew this would be the perfect avenue for them to apply what they are learning in the marketing classroom to a news broadcast they could own.”  He continues, “Now, it is an integral part of the program.”  

During the first few weeks of school, students learned the basics of live production through audio-only podcasts and slowly transitioned to video podcasts as they learned more. Now, students run the entire show for SC News, from script writing, teleprompter operation, camera operation, switching, directing, graphics, etc.

Currently, SCHS staff submit topics they would like highlighted in the news. Nine students then turn these ideas into an entire show. While their positions plan to rotate throughout the year, currently, the students have the following jobs: Audio, Courtney Fox; Shading, Parker Halley; Graphics Operator Jacob Pickles; Anchor/Script, Haylie Robinson and Kaden Drumheller; Director Josh Sowers; Camera Operator Jonah Baysinger; and Production Assistants Ben Camp and Landrum Hamilton.

SCHS Senior Josh Sowers says, “I love the opportunity to create. I like being hands-on with a project and not just sitting behind a desk in a classroom.” Sowers went on to talk about the fantastic equipment students get to operate. 

Logan says he and his class have two goals for the program. One short-term plan is for students to get b-roll footage for the news program. This is the footage played over the top of the anchor speaking to provide the context.  

“As [the anchors] are talking about a football game score, they can also show highlights. Or if they are announcing a theatre production, they have videos from their practices to show while speaking,” Logan notes.

Logan says the other goal is for students to repurpose the newscast. “The kids hope to take our footage and repurpose it for social platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.” 

At the end of every live event, advanced multimedia students convey one important thought to all SCHS students. When Drumheller and Robinson sign off, they quote Scott County High School Principal Elizabeth Gabehart, reminding everyone to, “Stay classy, Scott County.” 


2024-2025 Student Calendar

Below is the student calendar for the 2024-2025 school year approved by the Scott County Board of Education on November 30, 2023.

To find calendar dates for the CURRENT school year, CLICK HERE.  


Communication Plans for Scott County Schools

​Communication is very important to Scott County Schools.  We wanted to remind you of ways you can expect to receive important communication directly from the district.  

In the event of school cancellation due to inclement weather or similar circumstances, SCS will send both an email and text message through our Infinite Campus messaging system.  Parents/guardians with enrolled students will receive these messages automatically.  No sign up is needed.  

Parents, it is important that your telephone number and email address are accurate in our system.  If there is a question, please contact your child’s school.

SCS will also post important information on the official district website ( and utilize the official district Facebook page (  We also work with the following local news outlets: Georgetown News-Graphic, Fox 56, LEX 18,  WKYT 27, and WTVQ 36.

SCS will not communicate through other social media platforms (Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, X, or others).  If you receive communication through any of these formats, please know this was not distributed by the SCS district and may not be accurate information.  

You may also receive messages directly from your child’s teacher and school through a variety of sources including ClassDojo and Remind messaging systems in addition to Infinite Campus and official school social media accounts.