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2020-2021 Early Morning English 101 Students

SCHS Circle


Dear ENG 101/102 Students,


Hello, all!  I am so excited to be your teacher next year for ENG 101 and 102.  I have taught this class previously for five years, and it quickly came to be my favorite class to teach.  We will put in much hard work this year, but we will also have fun along the way.  I am looking forward to getting to know each of you and helping you find the writer inside! 


Throughout my years teaching this class, I have reviewed many writing handbooks, but none have compared to Ideas and Details: A Guide to College Writing by M. Garrett Bauman.  This book manages to discuss all aspects of writing while also keeping the reader’s attention with its conversational tone.  The first part of the book deals with writing in general and the writing process, while the later chapters deal with each type of writing (descriptive, persuasive, research, etc.).


I would like you to purchase this book to read and annotate part of it throughout the summer.  Having already read parts of the book before we even meet face to face (or virtually, depending on what school looks like next year) will get us off to a great start.  I have the 5th edition of the book, but any edition will do.  You can buy it new or used.  There is also the option to read it online at  However, if at all possible, try to purchase a physical copy.


I am asking that you read from the beginning through chapter 8 (Writing with Style).  In other words, stop when you get to chapter 9 (Description: Making Your Audience See), as we will be reading each chapter dealing with a specific type of writing as we come to it.  If you read all of the book now, you may not remember parts about specific types of writing later in the year. For instance, we usually write the research paper last, so it would make more sense to wait and read the chapter on writing research papers next April, not this summer.  


Finally, I am asking that you also annotate as you read.  As a refresher, annotating involves underlining and making comments as you read.  Underline what you think is important, what stands out to you.  Make notes when an interesting thought or question pops into your head.  This will be very useful as we discuss the chapters when we return to school, and it helps keep you active and engaged as you read.  (If you do have to read the online version, annotations would need to be made on paper, and you would need to keep track of what page the annotations correspond to.)


If you have any questions at all over the summer or just want to say hi, please feel free to email me at  See you all soon!


Megan Musick

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