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Card Time / Enriching Students

Last Updated: 11/19/2019 7:09 PM

Our CARD time is 35 minutes built into our regular school day (after 3rd hour) meeting the needs of all levels of students.   One option CARD time serves is for students who are struggling with Reading or Math as they can use this time for intervention strategies and extra assistance with teachers to recoup Math or Reading skills.   We also offer enrichment options for students who would like some assistance preparing for the ACT, learning cursive, enjoying a study hall, etc…  We also have our teachers available to students so that they can sign up with teachers to make up a test, complete a test retake, or may be struggling with a concept they are learning in the course.  All students should be utilizing this time to benefit their individual needs.  It is expected that every student sign up on Friday in their advisory time for a CARD time class for the upcoming Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Parents are encouraged to check their student’s CARD time over the weekend to make ensure they have signed up for the upcoming week.  Click here to go to Enriching Students.