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Summer Assignments

Summer Assignments Last Updated: 6/8/2020 8:09 PM

Summer Assignments

SCHS Summer Assignment Purpose and Belief Statements

  • At SCHS, we believe that summer assignments serve the purpose of providing students with the opportunity to practice/enrich the prerequisite skills they will need to be successful in the course in which they are enrolled next school year.
  • At SCHS, we believe all students have the ability to thrive and be successful in our courses. Summer assignments are utilized to acclimate students to the course and ensure their success.
  • At SCHS, we believe that summer assignments are formative and will be used to provide staff with meaningful data on student skills to help with lesson/course preparation for the school year.

At SCHS, we believe that completion of the assignment will give students a positive start to the course.

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SCHS Grading Categories

Practice Assignments/Assessments (Formative)- Designed to provide direction for improvement. Practice assignments/assessments (formative) will indicate whether it is graded for completion or accuracy and will be used to provide descriptive feedback.

Performance Assignments/Assessments (Summative)- Major unit tests, projects, presentations, writing pieces, etc. Performance (summative) assessments are graded for accuracy and provide measured evidence of learning.

Summer assignments are formative

2020-2021 Summer Assignments

For the upcoming school year, summer assignments will be offered in the following subject areas. Please visit the links below to access summer assignments for a specific course. Please note- not all courses/teachers will have a summer assignment. Each assignment will ask for a passcode before you can view it. The passcode has been sent to your school email account. Login at with your school credentials to check your email account.


AP Biology (Mr. Ramsey)

AP U.S. History (Mrs. Hamilton - 4th Hour)

AP U.S. History (Mr. Walsh - Early AM & 1st Hour)

AP World History (Mrs. Cantrell)

English (All English Classes)

A letter to Early Morning English 101 Students