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Mrs. Sparks - Algebra 1

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Contact Info:

Mrs. Sparks

Email: tiffani.sparks@scott.kyschools.us

Phone: 502-863-4635 EXT. 4516

Algebra Course Syllabus


Instructor: Mrs. Tiffani Sparks

Phone: (502) 863-4635 Ext. 4516

E-mail: tiffani.collins@scott.kyschools.us

Plan: 2:00-2:50 pm (sixth period)


Classroom Rules:

1) Arrive to class on time with required materials (both feet must be in room 527 by the last bell tone).

2) Respect others and their belongings.

3) Speak at appropriate times using appropriate language.

4) Keep all belongings not required for class put away. This includes cell phones, makeup, MP3 players, candy, etc.

5) Stay seated at all times unless given permission.

6) Keep your hands and feet to yourself.


Course Materials:

Three ring binder

Loose leaf paper


Scientific calculator (preferably Texas Instrument model # TI-30XIIS)


Online Textbook Information:

To access the online textbook, extra examples, videos and help go to https://my.hrw.com/index.jsp. The username is mclass124 and the password is h4j3t


**For test and homework updates in class, both parents and students send a text to (316) 665-4463 with message @94305d



Your grade in this course will be based upon the sum of points you receive out of the number of points possible.


  • Bell ringers: Each day class will open with a bell ringer. Bell ringers will be collected on Friday of each week.
    • Point Value: 5-20 points.
  • Quizzes: Each week there will be a quiz. This quiz will contain 3 to 10 problems, similar to the problems worked from that specific week (e.g. bell ringers, homework, exit slip problems, or in-class examples). If you complete all of the homework assignments for the week you will be able to earn one bonus point on the quiz for that particular week.
    • Point Value: 10 to 20 points
  • Exit Slips: At the end of most class periods, there will be an exit slip. The exit slip will contain 2-5 problems pertaining to the material discussed in class on that particular day.
    • Point Value: 2-5 points
  • Homework: To ensure your understanding of new mathematical concepts, it is critical that you practice the content through homework. As a result, homework will be assigned daily. Homework will be checked daily for effort and completion. You must complete EVERY problem and SHOW YOUR WORK in order to receive credit. Homework assignments that are late must be completed with all work shown and done correctly, but will only receive partial credit.  After the nine weeks have ended, no work can be made up.
    • Point Value: 10 points per week
  • Exams: Throughout each unit, there will be an exam following a major concept. Each exam will test your knowledge over recent concepts we have studied in class. The format for each test varies between multiple choice, short answer, and open response questions. Please be aware that there will be a mid-term and final exam given at the end of each semester. These mid-term and final exams will be cumulative and will be worth more points than a unit test.
    • Point Value: 100 points.

Important Note: Tests and quizzes make up a large portion of your grade. It is vital that you take notes, complete the homework, pay attention, and attend tutoring (if needed) so that you will be successful on these assessments.

Late Work

All assignments MUST be turned in on their due date. Late assignments will be subject to penalty, resulting in a lower grade. Absence work is not considered late work as long as it is made up in the appropriate time frame.  Excused absences do not exclude you from the missed assignments.

Make-Up Work

Homework and Daily Assignments: In the case of an excused absence, refer to the make-up folders for your work. One day for each day missed will be allotted for make-up work; anything turned in past the allotted time will be considered late and subject to penalty.

Quizzes/Exams: In the case of an excused absence on a quiz or exam day, the quiz/exam will be made up before, after, or during school on a specified date that you will arrange with me. If you know in advance when you will be absent, I can arrange a time for you to take the quiz or exam early. Exit slips are not made up if you are absent.  They will be submitted as exempt in infinite campus.

Hall Passes

Each grading period you will be allotted three hall passes. These may be used to visit your locker or restroom.



Procedures are in place to allow class to flow smoothly.  Become familiar with your class room.


**This syllabus is subject to change.