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Feature Article

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Write a feature article that would be appropriate to publish in The Cardinal Spirit, The Georgetown News Graphic, or magazines containing articles that deal with relationship type issues.  You may choose from a variety of purposes and audiences. Here are a few possible options.  You can make a different choice, but you need to have teacher approval first.

Your article should be 2-3 pages handwritten (not typed).  You will have a chance to turn in a final typed copy later.

  1. An article for teens seeking advice on how to have a safe, healthy relationship.
  2. An article explaining the three C’s of a healthy relationship.
  3. An article on character traits and why good character is important in a healthy relationship.
  4. An article explaining why effective communication is necessary in any relationship.
  5. An article on how to resolve conflict in a healthful way.
  6. An article on how to improve the relationships you have within your own family.
  7. An article on dealing with family crises such as emotional, physical, and sexual abuse including where and how to get help.
  8. An article on resisting peer pressure.
  9. An article on safe dating and setting limits.
  10. An article on the importance of abstinence including the risks of STD’s, pregnancy, and emotional baggage.

Use this guideline to help you get started:

  • You’ll first need to identify your target audience.  Decide on the audience by determining who needs, or can use the information you include in the article.
  • Decide on your narrow purpose by analyzing the needs for your target audience and deciding what angle you will choose.
  • How will they use the information?
  • Why do they even need the information?
  • What is going to give them a reason to read your article?
  • What kinds of information will they want to know?  
  • What questions will they have?
  • What will they do with the information when they finish reading your article?

1.  Be sure your opening paragraph establishes the context, situation, or background that your audience will need to understand what perspective you will take.  The last sentence of your opening paragraph must establish the purpose of the article.  That purpose should be tied to the audience’s need-to-know.

2.  If you include research results in your article, select the information you choose to include in your article based on audience interest and need-to-know.  Please name (cite) your sources within the article.

3.  Remember that your conclusion needs to circle back and echo your purpose.  Plus, the conclusion needs to give the reader something to think about when they finish reading your article.  Go a lot deeper than “I hope you enjoyed/learned a lot from reading this article.”

4. Tips:  Do not write this article in first person.  Do not begin sentences with “But,” “And,” “Or,” or “So.”  Your typed copy will need to be size 12 font, Times New Roman or Arial with 1.5 spacing.


Due Dates:

Rough Draft:   _______________________


Peer Revisions:_______________________


Final Draft:     _______________________ (Please include your English Teacher’s name below yours.