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Scott County Ninth Grade School

Health & Wellness Syllabus 2016-2017

Teacher: Mrs. Cannada

Units / Topics Covered

Stress, Mental and Emotional Problems, Nutrition, Safety and Basic First Aid, Disease Prevention and Transmission, Abstinence Education including Reproduction, STD’s and Teen Pregnancy

Kentucky Core Academic Standards  

See back page for instructions on obtaining a copy of the health and wellness standards required by the Kentucky Department of Education to be taught in high school.  For the full document, please visit: http://education.ky.gov/curriculum/docs/Documents/POS%20with%20CCS%20for%20public%20review.pdf

Supply List

  • Paper -loose leaf is preferred but not required
  • Several ink pens (any color) or sharpened pencils
  • Any type of folder or notebook to store notes and class work.
  • Food label – Students are required to bring from home a food label with ingredients list in order to complete an activity in class.  Please     no gum or drink labels.
  • Please choose one or more of the following to bring in for classroom use:
  1. One box of tissues
  2. One roll of paper towels
  3. One package of Clorox Wipes
  4. One bottle of hand sanitizer
  5. Two extra spiral notebooks
  6. One pack of pencils


I use a point based grading system to evaluate student progress.  This means that each assignment will be given a point value and students will have the opportunity to earn up to the full value of the assignment.  The percentage can be calculated by dividing the points earned (top number) by the points available (bottom number).  For example, if a student earns 20 points out of the 25 available points, their grade will be 20/25 or 80%.

Grade categories will be ‘weighted’ with 70 percent of the grade based on standards assessments (tests) and 30 percent of the grade on in-class & homework assignments including class work, notes, study guides, and discussions. All of these activities will help students achieve mastery for the standards we are working on.

Large Assignments:

  • Mental Disorder Research Paper
  • Independent Reading Project
  • Standards Project
  • Feature Article
  • Food Label Research Activity
  • Fast Food Facts
  • Carrollton Bus Crash Open Response
  • Energy Drink Research

Non-Traditional Instruction Days  (NTI)

When NTI days are called due to inclement weather, you are to treat them like regular school days, not snow days.  The assignments given on these days are worth the same amount as those given on school days and are due on the next school day with no exceptions.  Assignments will be given via my school website.  Directions on how to access my website are at the included on this syllabus. 


  1. Come into the classroom quietly and begin working on the bell ringer.  For full credit, you must write the date, the question, and the answer.  This sheet is turned in regularly and counts toward the homework grade.
  2. Students are to be prepared with the appropriate materials BEFORE getting to class.  Returning to the locker for forgotten items will not be permitted.
  3. Homework assignments are due at the beginning of class.  If assignments are turned in at the end of class they will be considered late. 
  4. If a student is absent, all assignments missed will be counted as zeros until they are made up.  Students are responsible for obtaining and completing any missed assignments due to excused absences. 
  5. Every week I post progress reports on the bulletin board so that each student will know their grade and if they missed any assignments/standards.  These are posted by the last four digits of their student number so they are confidential.  Parents can access student grades any time through Infinite Campus.

How to Access My Website:

Go to: www.scott.kyschools.us then scroll down until you see ‘Quick Links’ halfway down the left side of the page.  Under ‘Quick Links,’ select ‘Teacher Websites.’  Scroll down until you see my name (Cathy Cannada) and select it.  This is where you can access any extra worksheets, assignment details, or NTI assignments.

About Me:

I have been teaching for fourteen years: three years at the SCMS, then eleven years in the 9th Grade School.  I have a Bachelor’s degree from UK in Family and Consumer Science, a Master’s degree from EKU in Instructional Leadership, and a Master’s degree from Georgetown College as a Reading and Writing Specialist.  I have been married for sixteen years and have two boys, ages twelve and ten, and a little girl who is seven.  I am an ‘adrenaline junkie’ and love roller coasters, bungee jumping, flying airplanes, etc.  I also love to curl up with a good book.  I have lived in Georgetown since I was three years old and attended school here.  I love teaching health because it is a subject that you can actually use on a daily basis and for the rest of your life!


If any problems arise or if you have any questions, please call the school at 863-4635 and ask for me.  My planning period is from 2:55-3:45.  I may also be reached by email at: cathy.cannada@scott.kyschools.us  



                                                                             Cathy Cannada


Student Name: ____________________________________________________________________

Parent Signature: __________________________________________________________________

Parent Phone Number or email: ______________________________________________________

Do you (student) have internet access at home by computer, phone or tablet?   Yes or No