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Success in fourth grade

Success in Fourth Grade 


Voice levels

·       0 – no talking

·       1- whisper voice, partner work

·       2- soft voice, small group work

·       3- normal voice – answering questions, speaking to the group, indoor recess



Students are free to take a restroom break before the morning announcements at 7:35. 
Our class takes two restroom breaks: One at 9:30 and another at 12:10.  Additional restroom needs are handled on a case-by-case basis.



In class work and assignments

·       All work must be completed and turned in on time.  Missing work must be completed in study hall, which occurs at the same time as recess.


·      Homework is due the next day unless it is a long-term assignment.


Hallway Procedure

 Fourth grade students exhibit a "Perfect 10" in the hallways.  The "1" indicates that we must have ONE line - not clumps of students.  The "0" indicates that we have a ZERO noise level.

Morning procedure

·       Enter the classroom, put your things in your cubby, and find your seat.

·       If you need to sharpen pencils or take a restroom break, do so before the morning announcements at 7:35.      Read the instructions on the board and begin on the work until it is time for the Pledge of Allegiance.

·       After the pledge, continue working until Mrs. Bohannon begins with daily information sharing and checking the morning work.


Take home folder

·       Each Monday, you will take home a folder with your completed and graded work from the previous week.

·       At home, remove the papers and let your family look at your work.

·       On Tuesday morning, the folder should be turned in empty.


Basic Manners

·       If there is an overhead announcement for the school or for our classroom, all students must IMMEDIATELY become quiet.

·       If the phone rings, all students must IMMEDIATELY become quiet.

·       If the lights are turned off, all students must IMMEDIATELY become quiet.

·       ALWAYS remember to raise your hand to speak.



At the end of the day, you are not dismissed until Mrs. Bohannon dismisses you.  Wait to be called before you pack up to leave.  Always stack chairs when you are dismissed.

Order of dismissal:

Bus riders
Car riders
Walkers, across the street car riders, Corral, Salvation Army
Toyota and Checkpoint


·      Each morning, the board directions remind you to write down the day's homework assignment.

·      Planners must be signed by a parent or guardian each day to ensure that they know what is happening at school.  They can also write notes to the teacher if they have questions or comments.

·      Planners will be checked daily for notes and signatures. 


When students have trouble following directions, they may not have practiced the procedure enough to have mastered it.  Students who have difficulty with procedures have the opportunity to retrain on procedures at recess.