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PE Syllabus








LOCOMOTOR ACTIVITES                                      MANIPULATIVE ACTIVITIES


* Basic locomotor movements                                                       * Kicking unit (lead-up soccer skills)

* Space awareness, pathways, speeds, levels                                 * Throwing/catching unit (lead-up

* Jumping/landing with jump ropes and jump bands                        baseball/softball skills)

* Chasing/dodging (lead-up flag football                                        * Throwing/catching unit (lead-up

   skills and various tag games)                                                              flag football skills)

* Track and Field unit (including high jump,                                  * Shooting, dribbling, passing (lead-up

    sprints, relays, long jump, distance)                                                 basketball skills

                                                                                                          * Volleying (lead-up volleyball skills)

NON-LOCOMOTOR ACTIVITES                                      * Rolling (lead-up bowling skills)

                                                                                                           * Striking with racquets/paddles (lead-

* Rolling, balancing, transferring weight,                                           up tennis and badminton skills)

   inverted agility, upright agility (lead-up                                         * Striking with long-handled implements

   gymnastics skills)                                                                                (lead-up hockey skills)

* Dance skills (includes both locomotor and                                     * Striking with long-handled implements

   non-locomotor skills) – artistic dance,                                                  (lead-up golf skills)

   ceremonial dance, recreational dance                                              * Throwing/catching (Frisbee skills)

* Theraband activities (muscle strength and endurance)            

* Parachute activities/games



SPECIAL EVENTS                                                     HEALTH TOPICS


* Heart Course                                                                             * Body changes with exercise

* Survivor (Pilgrim/Thanksgiving)                                              * Benefits of exercise

* Create a Game (students make and play                                   * Health related fitness components

   their own made-up games)                                                        * Safety (choking, ABC’s, etc.)

* Golfing unit                                                                                * Disease education and prevention               

* Various team-building exercises                                                * Nutrition

* Jump Rope For Heart                                                                 * Body systems

* Field Day                                                                                    * Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug awareness