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English Learner (EL Program)

Welcome to Scott County School's EL website.  Our EL program is offered to students who are not yet proficient in English as determined by an English language screener.  We proudly serve almost 400 English Learners (ELs)  that come from many cultures and countries with a variety of languages and dialects. 

In SCS, all cultures and languages are welcomed and valued. SCS administrators, teachers and staff understand that EL students bring important assets into the learning environment.  Like all students in SCS, academic expectations are held high for ELs. At the same time, support in all school environments is also provided. We believe in parent collaboration and engagement, critical consciousness, authentic learning opportunities, and evidence based strategies are most effective in helping our EL students to, not only bridge the language gap but, become fluent in both languages.

Wendy Holbrook, District Instructional and Assessment Coordinator

Phone: (502) 570-8984



Standford University -  Better understand language to support EL students

Colorin Colorado - Variety of resources for Parents & Educators

WIDA Consortium - EL Standards for quality EL programming and connection to core content

National Geographic -  Evidence-Based Research for EL program materials. (Type in "Reach" for Elementary Level, "Inside" for Middle School Level, and "Edge" for High School Level)


Type of Student:

1.  Immigrant- New to U.S  

2.  Immigrant- Individual has resided in the U.S. for a period of time prior to moving to Scott County Schools.  Students who have been in U.S. schools 3 years or more are no longer classified as "Immigrant."

3.  “Primary Refugee”- Individual has refugee status and is new to U.S (Resettlement Documentation Papers required)

4.  “Secondary Refugee”- Individual has resided in the U.S. for a period of time and moved to Scott County (Resettlement Documentation Papers required)

State ACCESS Testing:  Part of Kentucky's State Accountability System

All EL students must take the state ACCESS Test each year in order to determine their English language proficiency (ELP). The ACCESS Test assesses ELP in the areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The scores in the areas are then combined in order to provide ELP scores in Literacy (reading + writing), Oral Language (listening + speaking) and an Overall ELP Score.

The ACCESS Test has three Tiers of difficulty: 

Tier I is intended for students at the beginning to lower intermediate levels of English proficiency

Tier B is intended for students who are at the lower intermediate to lower advanced levels of proficiency

Tier C is intended for students at the advanced levels of proficiency

ELL Exit Criteria:

In the state of Kentucky, EL students are eligible to exit from EL Programs when they achieve an overall score of 4.5 or higher on a Tier B or C ACCESS Test. The student must also have a Literacy Score of 4.0 or higher. Once exited, students are monitored for a four year period.  If monitored students demonstrate academic difficulty, then the EL student may receive additional supports through the EL program.  Once exited, regardless of monitoring supports, students will not be required to take state ACCESS testing again.