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Technology 1:1

Last Updated: 7/11/2022 8:35 PM

This year, Scott County Schools will issue a Chromebook to all students in grades K-12 for their individual use to support instruction.

“Technology is an essential component of classroom instruction and is a powerful tool for our students,” commented Billy Parker, Superintendent of Scott County Schools.  “Providing a dedicated device to each student is a dream come true for me as superintendent and has been a long-term goal for our board of education.  We are thankful to be able to provide this opportunity to students for years to come.”

The ability to move to a 1:1 ratio of student to device is possible thanks to a grant received by our district technology department. Families will pay a small yearly technology fee to support this program and ensure its sustainability. Students in grades K-5 will pay $15 while grades 6-12 will pay $30. 

This fee comes with coverage that includes needed repairs at a discounted rate and is in addition to other school or classroom fees. Families may also choose to pay a small optional fee so their child can bring their device home as needed.  The take-home option is $5 for K-5 and $20 for 6-12 in addition to the base fee.

Devices will be assigned individually to each student and will be the responsibility of the student who will make sure they are charged and remain in working order.  After the start of school, students will receive their device once they complete a lesson in digital citizenship.  

To ensure proper use and safety, student-owned devices will no longer be permitted.  The 1:1 technology program will also provide a Chromebook to students to keep upon graduation beginning in 2025.