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Last Updated: 1/16/2019 1:22 PM
Vanessa Stewart

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In an effort to comply with board policy and KDE accounting procedures for Kentucky school activity funds (Redbook) please use the following guidelines pertaining to grant applications and funding.

  • If grant funds are awarded, the Business & Finance office must be notified.
  • When the funds are received, they must be forwarded to the Business & Finance office for deposit.
  • A grant project will be set up at the district level for expending the funds.

Scott County Board of Education Policy #01.11 (Applications for Grants):

Schools, employees, and school-related groups who are applying for grants on behalf of the District or District schools shall send a copy of the completed application to the Superintendent/designee, who shall present the application to the Board with a recommendation for approval or disapproval.

However, grant applications shall not require prior Board approval in the following instances:

  • Grant applications permitted by law to be submitted by individual schools without Board approval;
  • Grants not requiring matching Board funds;
  • Grants not requiring additional staffing or additional staff responsibilities
In those cases where prior Board approval is not required, applications must be reviewed and approved in writing by the Superintendent/designee.


Per KDE Accounting Procedures for Kentucky School Activity Funds (Redbook):

No grant monies, day care fees, adult education fees, or tuition fees shall be deposited in the school activity fund as they must be handled through the central office bank account.


Typical budget items include:

Equipment and Supplies: copying, mailing, printing, shipping, travel expenses

Fringe Costs: insurance, retirement

Indirect Costs: determined annually by Kentucky Department of Education

Salary and Fixed Costs: social security, unemployment insurance for each employee, worker's comp