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The following describes PERMITTED clothing FOR ALL STUDENTS:

  • Shorts that meet the finger-tip rule on all sides of the leg.
  • Pants/Jeans/Sweatpants that do not have holes above the fingertip rule on all sides of the leg.  
  • Yoga or fitted workout pants that are covered with a top that meets the fingertip rule on all sides. 


All shirts must meet the following criteria:

  • Cover the midriff
  • Maintain shoulder coverage (all straps should be three fingers wide)
  • Maintain chest coverage 
  • Students are permitted to wear “hoodies” but THE HOOD MUST REMAIN DOWN AT ALL TIMES.  


The following describes items NOT PERMITTED to be worn on regular school days:

  • Bandanas
  • Pajamas (this also includes blankets and slippers)
  • Sunglasses (unless a student has a medical reason for wearing sunglasses)
  • Chains or any other item deemed potentially dangerous.
  • Clothes that advertise drugs, alcohol, or that have obscene language, inflammatory language, images or suggestive messages. 
  • See-through or mesh clothing.


Note:  Items such as sunglasses, bandanas, or chains will be confiscated and returned at the end of the school day.  A second violation will require the parent to come pick up the item and the student could be written up for defiance of authority.


Students in violation of the dress code have the opportunity to correct the situation in one of the following ways:

  • Cooperate with GCHS Staff and turn the garment inside out.
  • Cooperate with GCHS Staff and put on another garment on top of the offending clothing.
  • Cooperate with GCHS Staff and call home to have something brought to school that meets dress code.


**Any changes or modifications to the dress code to address new fads or trends will be provided in writing by GCHS.**

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