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Morganne Vance

My name is Tabetha Housekeeper.  My title is the principal of Lemons Mill Elementary.  However I am simply a person who believes that every kid deserves positive relationships, that parents are the most important part of a student's life, and that the best job in the world is being a school teacher.  Three years ago I decided to leave my fourth grade classroom after thirteen years and embark on a new endeavor into administration.  My decision was driven by an opportunity to create positive relationships with an even larger group of students, teachers, and families.  This is my second year as the principal of Lemons Mill and I genuinely love walking in the doors of our school every day.  My day begins with greeting students during morning arrival.  I get to visit classrooms, brag on our amazing teachers and staff, and then spend the rest of my day loving on LME families the best way I can.  What can be better than that?

Eight years ago I embarked on a journey of helping a team of visionaries create a culture of Lemons Mill Elementary.  With only eleven teachers, about three hundred students, half of a building, bare classrooms, one amazing leader, and a huge love for kids we began to paint the blank canvas of our school.  We created procedures and policies from scratch.  Our team was dedicated to student learning and all hired with the concept of having a Growth Mindset.  We allowed that love of learning to be shared with our students from the very first day of LME.  After years of continuous growth and many changes we have worked hard to keep the unique culture at Lemons Mill.  

This year we have three very important focuses.  Most importantly, we are working hard to build meaningful relationships with our students and families.  The quote by James Cromer, "No significant learning can occur without a significant relationship"  says it all.  I truly believe that working hard to build meaningful, positive relationships with our students is far more important than anything else.  The second focus for this school year will be to celebrate effort and growth rather than achievement.  Creating passionate life long learners is far more important to me than academic achievement.  Lastly, we will focus on teaching our students to be resilient through these difficult times.  Our teachers understand the many mountains we may face this year and all of us are up for challenge!  

It is our goal to simply love on students and families first.  Then... through collaboration, communication, and celebration we will ensure confidence in student learners at Lemons Mill Elementary.


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