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Principal's Message

Noll John


Welcome to ECS!


As the principal of Elkhorn Crossing School, it is an honor to have the opportunity to serve such an outstanding school community. It is my desire to work with you, your child, and the staff to foster a strong sense of community in order to increase student achievement.


At Elkhorn Crossing, we are passionate about the high level, project-based, engaging curriculum offered in our Engineering, Biomedical Sciences, Health Science, Media Arts, and Law and Justice Villages. We are committed to delivering a curriculum centered on student interests that fosters intrinsic motivation and stimulates their passion to learn. Our programs at ECS provide high rigor in the context of relevant, real-world, authentic learning that sets high expectations and provides students with the skills and motivation to meet them.


We honor creativity and innovation at Elkhorn Crossing. We challenge our students to think more critically, pursue goals relentlessly and take risks that lead to new discoveries, inventions and solutions. We will continue to raise the bar a little higher every day and watch in awe as students far exceed our expectations. We want our students to “make themselves proud”.


At ECS, education is more than mastering skills and acquiring knowledge. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to providing an educational environment that develops and sustains curiosity, love of learning, motivation and resilience in all students while challenging them to understand deeply, to integrate fully, to prove confidently, and to develop the perseverance and strength of character to live meaningful lives as purposeful citizens.


Every day we will encourage students to work harder and reach outside their comfort zone to achieve greatness. We believe that each experience awards students the opportunity to stretch a bit higher and ultimately soar to new heights. We will collectively celebrate these extraordinary accomplishments.


I truly believe strong partnerships between parents and staff lead to academic success for all students. Therefore, please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime at or at 502-570-4920. Be an active partner by joining our ECS Team. Follow us on Twitter@ECS_KY for daily updates, upcoming events and student celebrations. You DO have a voice at ECS!





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