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Advanced Placement World History Files & Links

 Go Up a Folder Time Period Review Power Points!!!!
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  • Time Periods I and II (Foundations Review-2.ppt)
    Time Period I 8000BCE-600BCE Neolithic Revolution - Farming begins; Bronze Age River Valley Civilizations Time Period II 600BCE-600CE Rise of Iron Age Classical Empires; World Religions Appear and Spread
  • Time Period III (Time Period III Review-0.ppt)
    Time Period III 600CE - 1450CE Rise of Islam & Caliphates; Byzantines; Sui, Tang & Song China, Maya, Aztec, & Inca Empires; MONGOLS; Swahili Coast & Ghana, Mali, Songhai; Europe Medieval Period; Japan Feudal Period
  • Time Period IV (Time Period IV Review.ppt)
    Time Period IV 1450CE - 1750CE European Exploration, trading-post colonies, Renaissance and Reformation; Atlantic System & impacts on West Coast of Africa (Middle Passage & empires like Kongo, Benin, Dahomey); Sugar & Silver create a global economy; Latin American colonies; Gun Powder Empires (Ottoman, Safavid, Mughal); Ming & Qing China; Tokugawa Shogunate
  • Time Period V (Period V Review.pptx)
    Time Period V: 1750-1900 Enlightenment leading to American, French, Haitian Revs & Latin American colonies' independence; Industrial Revolution; Creation of REAL Imperial states by Europe (know details on India, especially); 2nd Industrial Revolution; Responses to rising Europe's power (Ottoman, Chinese, Japanese) Disclaimer - I didn't make this review, I found it and thought it looked good.
  • Time Period V_Revs (Period Vrevs in depth.ppt)
    Another ppt I didn't create but that is really good at explaining some big issues in Period V.
  • Time Period VI (Period VI Review.ppt)
    Time Period VI: 1900-Present Mexican Rev of 1910 & Fall of the Dynastic System of China in 1911; Russian Revolution 1917; WWI, Great Depression, WWII; Cold War; Decolonization; Globalization; Rise of Supranational Organizations