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2018 Science NTI  

Scott County Freshman

All students were given a paper packet to take home before Christmas Break. They should complete the following assignment from the packet for each day out for NTI- to be turned in the next school day.  I will be available for help on NTI days from 9-12 and 1-4.

You may contact me by:

Student Assignments:

Click on the Brewer NTI Plans link below for a copy of all review pages.   They are also located on my Google classroom page (each student has access to that).

These assignments are a review of things we have learned this year so far.  We practice these things as flashbacks daily and are the "big picture" topics of each unit.  On the next school day after an NTI day(s), we will have a short assessment over the information on the reviews.  This will be entered as a grade!

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    • NTI Day 5

      NTI Review Day 5- Motion #1

      1. For each of the following terms, write a definition, the formula, and appropriate metric units.
















      1. The gravitational pull from the moon causes __________________________ (2 words).

      2. What is the RATE of gravitational acceleration? ____________

      3. If you drop a hammer, is it more likely to drop handle side down, head side down, or equal chance that it will land either way?  Why?

      4. A car moves 60 km East and 90 km West.

        1. What is the distance the car traveled?


        1. What is the car's displacement?


      1. What is the average velocity of a car that moved 60 km in 3 hours?


      1. A car starts from rest and accelerates uniformly over a time of 5 seconds for a distance of 110 m.  What is the acceleration of the car?


      1. What is the speed of an object at rest? ____________

      Assign On: 12/7/2017
      Due: 5/1/2018, Submit Assignment
    • NTI Day 4

      Name ______________________________ Date _____________

      NTI Review Day 4- Atoms & Light

      1. Fill in the chart on the parts of an atom.

      Subatomic Particle


      Mass in amu

      Where is it found



      1. Label the following on the atomic model below:  proton, electron, neutron, nucleus, electron cloud.

      2. Elements are all listed on the _________________   ________________, where they are listed in order according to their atomic number, which is the number of ______________ each atom of that element has.

      3. A bundle of light is called a _______________.

      4. List one way light is like a particle.

      5. List one way light is like a wave.

      6. Explain how a photon of light is produced.  Refer to the diagram in  your explanation.

      Due: 5/1/2018, Submit Assignment
    • NTI Day 3

      ame ______________________________ Date _____________

      NTI Review Day 3- Space & the Universe

      1. What is a nebula?


      1. Describe the life cycle of a SMALL star.


      1. Describe the life cycle of a MEDIUM size star.


      1. Describe the life cycle of a LARGE star.


      1. The determining factor in the fate of a star is its __________ (NOT size!)

      2. What process fuels a star? _______________________________________________

      3. Complete the missing information about the Big Bang Theory.

      What the Big Bang Theory Says...

      Evidence that supports it...

      The universe has a beginning

      Most models agree that the universe is ____________ billion years old.

      The universe expanded rapidlly from a single point.

      Edwin Hubble discovered that nearly all object in the sky are __________________________, indicating that they are moving away from us. (happens because of the ________________ Effect).

      The first matter to form would be the most basic atoms of _______________ and ______________.

      The current universe (by mass) is measured to be

      75% _____________ and

      25% _____________.

      The rapid expansion was very hot.

      Scientists have discovered CBR (_____________________________________________) that is thought to be leftover heat from the Big Bang event.


      Due: 5/1/2018
    • NTI Day 2

      Name ______________________________ Date _____________C:\Users\Brewers\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\NRXFGT2S\MC900239667[1].wmf

      NTI Review Day 2- Waves

      1. Label the wave below with wavelength, amplitude, crest, trough, and rest position.

      2. What type of wave is it? _____________________

      3. Label the wave below with wavelength, compression and rarefaction.

      4. What type of wave is it? _____________________

      5. What is the difference between a mechanical wave and an electromagnetic wave?


      1. Label the types of waves on the electromagnetic spectrum.

      2. What is the formula for the speed of a wave? ___________________________________________

      3. When the wavelength of a wave increases, the frequency of the wave _____________________________. (increases or decreases)

      Due: 5/1/2018, Submit Assignment
    • NTI Day 1

      Name ______________________________    Date _____________

      NTI Review Day 1- Scientific ReasoningC:\Users\Brewers\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\EJNXAN8Y\MC900304329[1].wmf



      Directions:  Use your science notebook or online resource to fill out the following information and be prepared for a  10 question multiple choice quiz when you return to school.

      1. Name the base unit and most appropriate tool to measure each of the following:


      Base unit- METRIC UNITS!!

      Tool used to measure





      Volume of a solid


      Volume of a liquid

      1. What is the difference between mass and weight? _________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________

      Read the following experimental scenario and identify the variables below.

      Mary investigated the effect of different ages of compost on the growth of tomato plants.  Mary hypothesized that plants grown in a soil mixture with 50% aged compost would show better growth.  She grew 4 flats of tomato plants, each with 10 plants per flat as follows:  

      • Flat A:  100% potting soil

      • Flat B:  50% mixture of 2 month old compost and potting soil

      • Flat C:  50 % mixture of 4 month old compost and potting soil

      • Flat D:  50 % mixture of 6 month old compost and potting soil

      The plants received the same amount of sunlight and water each day.  At the end of 30 days, Mary recorded the height of the plants (in cm), the general health of the plants (healthy or unhealthy), and the quality of the leaves using a four point scale as follows:  4= green, firm, no curled edges; 3= yellow-green, firm, no curled edges; 2= yellow, limp, curled edges; 1= Brown, limp, curled leaf.

      1. What is the independent variable? __________________________________________________

      2. What is the dependent variable? _____________________________________________________

      3. What are 2 constants in the experiment? _________________________________________________________

      4. What was the control group? _______________________________________________________

      5. When graphing this data, what would go on the X-axis? ____________________________________________

      6. Why?  ____________________________________________________________________________________

      7. What type of data is best represented by a

        1. Pie graph _________________________________________________________________________

        2. Bar graph _________________________________________________________________________

        3. Line graph ________________________________________________________________________

      Due: 5/1/2018, Submit Assignment
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